EUROYoung is a Forum of EURO, the European Association of Operational Research Societies. We provide training, dissemination, and networking opportunities to young Operational Researchers.

Some EUROYoung members at EURO2018 in Valencia, Spain

The objectives of EUROYoung include:


The EUROYoung workshops are the main events organised by our Forum. With these workshops we want:

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All members of EURO national societies are welcome. To stay true to our name, we encourage participation of young researchers (up to 35 years old) and of anyone who is “young to OR” (recent graduates, PhD students, early-career post-docs) independently of their age.

We track membership through our Google Group. To become a member, apply to join the group and tell us a little about yourself. To stop being a member, cancel your group subscription.


Our email for generic inquiries is For information about the workshop you can write to

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